Special Edition Gift Set — Now Available!

I am pleased to officially announce the release of my most recent publication, Paper Fabric Wood V.2.  Measuring in at 7×7 inches with 74 pages of full color photos and tons more content. Excited by how the book turned out, I decided to create a Special Edition Gift Set that includes a signed copy of the book , one original drawing, 5 stickers and a postcard all packaged in a customized reusable wooden box in an edition of 20. Oh, and get it all for only $90.

Preview the book here.

Here’s some photos in the studio I took creating the special packages.

Paper cut from a recycled roll I purchased from Scraps.

Prepping the artwork before I adhere them to the boxes using a new technique I just learned called Gel Transfer.

Each box is signed and number in an extremely low edition of 20. These are a lot of work, and I don’t plan to make more.

Below are a few examples of the sketches that will come in the box along with your book. Don’t want to show them all so you still have some sense of surprise.

Behold the finished piece.

Purchase the Special Edition Gift Set here >>


2 responses to “Special Edition Gift Set — Now Available!

  1. HOLY SAUERKRAUT, BATMAN! That is a damn fine box set you have there…

  2. WOW! this looks awesome! the whole look feel…

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