Terrestrial Syndrome – update 07.10.09

Happy Friday everyone. I have now decided that every Friday I will update you with the progress of my upcoming show, Terrestrial Syndrome at The Shooting Gallery. I figure some order to the madness might be better for those who are interested in following along. Things are off to a good start, but as always, it will be a fight till the end as the real struggle is finding the time to dedicate to the craft. With less than 2 months to pull it off, I plan to create an all new body of work for this show that will hopefully even impress myself.

Since I just started laying down the paint, it’s simply a matter of covering ground as quickly as possible by adding character and buidling texture across all the surfaces in my signature chaotic fashion.

Materials used: spray paint, house paint, china marker and screen print.

Didn’t have a ton of time this week to paint due to work, but I am hoping to rock a few long sessions next week. As always…stay tuned.

More info about the show >>


2 responses to “Terrestrial Syndrome – update 07.10.09

  1. Nice! Love the look into the process.

  2. Awesome!! Same here.. love the documentation of all the stuff nobody usually ever sees..the layers behind. Thanks!!

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